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UV & White Light Lamps

Product code: R0003
A variable times exposure unit designed for curing clear & coloured adhesives using UV or visible light, with seperate background lighting for film work. Curing area approx. 410 x 1220mm. Dimensions: 1830x600x120mm. Weighing Height: 900mm..
€1,773.38 Ex. VAT
Product code: R0004
Rep. White Light Tubes..
€65.79 Ex. VAT
Product code: R0005
600mm Rep. UV Tube For BTU & DTU Bench..
€55.47 Ex. VAT
Product code: R0006
Replacement Starter for UV Tek Bench Lamps..
€22.81 Ex. VAT
Product code: R0007
Robust construction 6 watt light output ergonomic handle design...
€528.67 Ex. VAT
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