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Glazing Robots

  • GlassParts is Irelands leading provider of cutting-edge glazing robot solutions.

  • Select from an extensive range of glass lifting robots capable of lifting up to 1125kg.

  • Glazing robots can safely elevate, rotate and manoeuvre sheets of glass.

  • Indoor and outdoor use offering easy operation.
Product code: T.GR.GW.1125
Load capacity max. 1,125 kg, Dead weight with vacuum cross 1400 kg (vacuum cross 150 kg) Support legs individually controllable for more load capacity. Max. Lifting height 4.55 m, Max. lifting range to the front 2.32 mRadio remote control with LCD panel..
Product code: T.GR.GW625
The new GW 625 is perfect for construction projects with large window sections that require a large load capacity of up to 625 kg, for example, for triple-glazed windows. Lifting capacity max. 625 kg Max. lifting height (vertical) 3,10 m/3,60 mHighlifter Max. lifting height (overhead) 3,60 m/4,..
Product code: T.GR.GW425
The Glassworker GW425 is very agile, perfect for use on construction sites and indoors. With a carrying capacity of up to 425 kg and its slim design, it fits through narrow doorways...
Product code: T.GR.GW295
The Glassworker GW 295 is the little brother from the well known bigger models GW425 and GW625-2. The GW295 is perfect for the indoor use. Due to its compact design it is perfectly suited for very narrow areas and still has a good boom range. It is characterized by a small turning circle. With his s..
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