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  • A selection of glass and glazing cleaning products.
  • For use with a range a glass thicknesses and finishes.
Product code: N.SOU.MIRACT
Surface Activator is an adhesion promoter used for activating non-porous surfaces to achieve an improved adhesion. Cleaning and degreasing of non-porous substrates. Liquid surface activator for non-porous surfaces. Cleans, degreases and activates. Universal use, can be used with many typ..
€17.86 Ex. VAT
Product code: N.SOU.GLASS
Glass & Mirror Cleaner is a high performance, alcohol based cleaner specifically designed for removing most ingrained dirt, grease, finger marks, dust and other contaminants from glass, mirrors and glazed surfaces. Ready to use (no mixing required). Fast acting and drying. Streak free. Non..
€40.32 Ex. VAT
Product code: N.SOU.PVC
Solvent based PVCu Frame Cleaner for PVCu materials. Specifically designed for removing most ingrained dirt, grease, uncured sealant, pencil and pen marks from white and foiled PVCu frames, sills, boards and panels and plastic garden furniture. Solvent based. Fast acting and drying. Non-sm..
€5.79 Ex. VAT
Product code: N.SOU.WIPES
Heavy duty cleaning wipes for removal of sealant stains and other dirt from surfaces, tools and hands. Heavy duty cleaning wipes Removes many types of contaminants. Suitable for hands and tools. Kind to skin...
€5.38 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0023
Professional grade, non-smear, instant foam spray. Easy spread, gentle cleaning action. CFC Free...
€3.63 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0024
High quality foam glass cleaner...
€6.33 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0025
For use before surface protectant, 500ml...
€21.70 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0028
A high-performance transparant polymer coating that bonds to glass, porcelain & ceramics, and imparts a remarkable degree of functional water, soil and stain repellancy to minimize the interfacial contact between the surface and its environmental contaminants. The invisible polymeric barrier for..
€35.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0029
To remove stubborn stains from glass & tiles..
€21.49 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0030
That seal, shines & protects glass & ceramics...
€10.20 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0031
Glass cleaner in spray bottle without propellant...
€5.56 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0032
€41.68 Ex. VAT
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