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Product code: N.SOU.PVC
Solvent based PVCu Frame Cleaner for PVCu materials. Specifically designed for removing most ingrained dirt, grease, uncured sealant, pencil and pen marks from white and foiled PVCu frames, sills, boards and panels and plastic garden furniture. Solvent based. Fast acting and drying. Non-sm..
€7.98 Ex. VAT
Product code: N.SOU.WIPES
Heavy duty cleaning wipes for removal of sealant stains and other dirt from surfaces, tools and hands. Heavy duty cleaning wipes Removes many types of contaminants. Suitable for hands and tools. Kind to skin...
€5.38 Ex. VAT
Product code: N.SOU.MULTICLEAN
Soudal multi cleaner is a professional grade multi cleaner for general cleaning purposes including label and adhesive removal from glass and windows. Ideally suited for cleaning verticial surfaces such as glass, tiles, mirrors, laminate, PVC, kitchens, car interiors, textile, carpets, office equipm..
€3.20 Ex. VAT
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