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Glass Analysis

  • A selection of products for surveying glass.
  • Manual and electronic devices available.
Product code: C0018A
Glass thickness measuring device. Made from plastic, ideal for measuring the total thickness of pre installed insulated glass units. New extended type allows for the measurement around larger & deeper window and door profiles. A must have tool for anybody involved in unit replacement. The device is..
€49.67 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0019
Fast - measure unit thickness for replacement purposes. Accurate - identify laminated glass in any situation, ideal for risk assessments Quick - just point & click, glass & air-gap thickness are displayed on the calibrated scale. No glass removal necessary. The Merlin Lazer Gauge is a..
€286.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0020
Enables the user to verify if a piece of glass is toughened/tempered. This can be used to ensure that safety glass is present whether it has been stamped correctly or not. Very easy and effective to use...
€203.63 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0021
The Low-E Coating Detector is a dual purpose tester designed to detect all Low-Emissivity coatings on single and double glazed units and indicate on which surface it is present. Extremely fast and easy to use...
€111.65 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0017
Identifies the thickness of glass by reflecting through the measure line...
€9.71 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0022
Includes: Low-E Detector Double Glazing Laser Measuring Gauge Toughened Glass Detector ChargerCarry Case All items are available to purchase seperately but purchasing the kit will result in significant savings. ..
€528.55 Ex. VAT
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