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General Glazing Tools & Accessories

  • Everything you need for general glazing jobs.
  • From mallets to glazing knives.
Product code: E0140
This De-Glazing Tool is a real time-saver. This simple-to-use tool is designed to aid in the de-glazing of glass bedded into materials commonly used in the window industry, including silicone, foam or butyl tapes, and other materials engineered to remain flexible throughout their service life (not r..
€126.50 Ex. VAT
Product code: E0067A
Includes one each of: lipping-out tool. Filler tool with replaceable eyes. Instruction manual for weatherstrip installation...
€72.45 Ex. VAT
Product code: E0069.BLADE
Genuine Lowe Gasket Shears Spare Blade Supplied In A Pack Of 5 Blades..
€54.29 Ex. VAT
Product code: E0020
Industrial Metal Scraper Complete With 5 Single Edge Razor Blades..
€4.77 Ex. VAT
Product code: E0009
Straight blade multi functional knife. Original Don Carlos knife which guarantees a quality product. Used regularly for trimming welds in PVC, removing beads and much more...
€21.15 Ex. VAT
Product code: E0005
Crescent shape knife with light coloured wooden handle..
€24.15 Ex. VAT
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