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Product code: B0088
The low marking rubber compound of the Woods Powr-grip N4000LM provides excellence resistance to staining or marking a load. The grey pad of the N4000LM helps to reduce marking on highly polished or light colored non-porous stone and acid-etched glass surfaces when lifting loads up to 57kg. A ..
€86.90 Ex. VAT
Product code: F.GRK.001
A revolutionary glass repair kit that quickly removes even the toughest of scratches from glass.Manufactured using revolutionary technology, the grinding material features a high shear force and longer lifespan...
€571.73 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0061
The self-levelling multi-line laser cube creates a laser cross and an additional vertical laser line at right angles to the laser cross. This makes the Nedo Cube perfect not only for fast and uncomplicated levelling and aligning, but also for marking of right angles. Thanks to the laser clamp suppli..
€196.35 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0012
VistaLevel enables the quick horizontal positioning of glass panes. Fasten the little helper in a way that you can keep an eye on it during installation. The proven vacuum technology of the VistaLevel® suction pad holds it safely in place. Now you have both hands free to comfortably align the gl..
€54.18 Ex. VAT
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